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Backdating claims for EWSS

EWSS eligible employers can backdate a claim to 1 July for EWSS payments for new entities, seasonal employees and new hires. The backdating of claims will be covered by Revenue as part of a ‘sweepback’ of payments in September. It is important to note that backdated submissions will not be processed after 14 September in respect of July/August.

The ‘sweepback’ will operate as follows:

  • Before 5 September, employers will provide electronically using, a template (which will be available on revenue.ie in late August), requisite information including employee name, PPSN, employment ID, payment frequency, insurable weeks, commencement date, etc.
  • Revenue will upload this information and calculate the total subsidy due to be paid.
  • The subsidy will be paid into the designated bank account as soon as practicable after 14 September.
  • No additional submissions or amendments will be processed on or after 14 September in respect of July/August.

Details of this process are set out on page 15 of Guidelines on the operation of the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme

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